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The mighty Spurs roll on…

The last group game ended 3-3 against FC Twente, and Inter lost (3-0 to Werder Bremen) meaning we top the group πŸ™‚

Yes, the Champion’s League newbies end up top of the ‘group of death’ – when the draw was made and we ended up in the same group as the Dutch champions, the German champions, and the existing Champion’s League winners, the odds were on us finishing bottom..oh how wrong they were…

So, through to the knockout stage, but with a couple of interesting points:

The first team to score at least 2 goals in every group game

(Most likely) The top scorers in the group stage (18 goals in 6 games)

Bur through we are – and no thanks to the ref (some dodgy Spanish knob), who made some very ‘interesting’ decisions – Jenas getting booked for getting injured (WTF?), a penalty being given because Assou-Ekotto handled a ball inside the area (READ: the ball was rocketing straight at his head so he raised his arm to block it – pure instinct to prevent injury), Crouch was penalised for (apparently) receiving the ball in too much space???, and the cracker for me – De Jong went down in Spurs’ area – nothing was given (correctly) – so Spurs played on, about a minute later when Lennon was on the edge of their box ready to unleash a shot/cross the ref blew up – what for? there was no head injury, Spurs were fully entitled to play on – and the Dutch defender kicking the ball (after the whistle, but he got no card) at Lennon was disgraceful.

Twente played very well tonight, but the referee was abysmal.

The calm before the storm

So, this week has been a bit of a breather – not a great deal on workwise this time of year, but the next week or 2 should be interesting what with testing all over the place (well, the UK anyway – furthest I’ll get away is bloody Prestwick 😐 )

So really all I’m doing today is sorting out dates to go different places πŸ™‚

Spurs play Werde Bremen in the CL tonight – a win will guarantee them a top 16 place πŸ™‚ oh, and the gooner scum lost last night to Braga (I’m trying and failing not to laugh here)


We beat the scum in their own backyard…

From 2-0 down, we came back at them – 2-3 the result.

We finished off the south London nomads – at their place – and did it well…fuck off back to South London.

Tottenham Hotspur FC – The Pride of north London πŸ™‚

I’ll say it again: un-fucking-believable…

Last night Spurs hosted InterMilan at the Lane – see the post below for the match at the San Siro, where Bale showed the world what a class act he is.

Last night he didn’t score a goal himself, but his pace and vision ripped apart the Champions of Europe – probably the best club team in the world. The seeming ease he went past the top right back in the world (Maicon) – I’m betting after 30 minutes he’d wished he’d stayed home.

The newbies to the Champion’s League were utterly dominant last night, solid throughout, and everyone played their part awesomely – Spurs have shown they’re not scared of the big boys – the 2 matches we’ve played against Inter totalled 180 minutes – of that, 30 minutes were Inter’s, the rest was Spurs’…and most of that down to Bale:

Bale vs Maicon

And so, I give you the highlights:

Of course, no Spurs fan can forget that only 2 years ago we were stuck at the bottom of the Premier League with 3 points from 8 games. Then in came Redknapp as manager and turned it all around.

Thanks ‘Arry πŸ™‚

Another great night in Champion’s League football

So you’ve probably gathered that Spurs were playing…and indeed won πŸ˜€

Very odd game though – we were awarded 3 penalties (scored 2), had a player sent off (he missed a penalty, then scored a cracker, then got sent off for an ‘over enthusiastic’ tackle), but played so well with 10 men we won 4-1 πŸ™‚

So the group A table looks like this:

Next game is October 20th – Spurs travel to the San Siro to play Inter…I can’t wait

Ok, I’m just about happy with the look now

So now all I have to do is write something… 😐

Well, seeing as we got a drubbing last night, I’ll not mention the football…

Work is good – looks like I’m off to Spain for the 6 monthly de-icer load testing (fly into Girona, perform test, drive to Reus, perform test, fly home). I’m still considering delaying the return flight for a week so I can have a (relatively) cheap holiday – I’d just have to pay for off-peak accommodation/food/beer πŸ™‚ I’ll have to check the money situation before I broach the subject with Ryanair.

Now, off to look at different plugins/widgets I can add here – the Flikr one is a must…

Champion's League (uh huh – it's more football)

Well, not such an easy draw as some groups:

But a group containing the champions (Inter Milan), Werder Bremen, and FC Twente means we’ve our work cut out here – time to show we mean business (and the year(s) end in 00/01 so ya never know…)

I’m dreaming of getting a ticket to see Inter at the Lane…first fixture is 14/15 September – I’m frantically checking the UEFA site waiting for the fixtures to be announced and it still shows:

I’ve not been this excited since, well, the last time I was this excited…

EDIT: Spurs at the San Siro too…just a game? are you KIDDING?

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