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Update on my big red ball


TGND’s been kinda slack at blogging recently – with the last elastic band ball update in May.

Well, today I got the Official Ruler and made good use (well, almost – I’m a crap photographer) of the office digital camera:

Elastic band ball - November 8, 2007

Now, as this ball is made up entirely of the red elastic bands that come wrapped around the mail – can I claim it to be “By Royal Appointment to HRH…” or would I just be risking the wrath of our good Liz?

Anyhoo, at just over 5″ diameter (127.000254mm for the metric monsters out there) it’ll soon be time to get it up on Ebay 🙂

Oh, I’m trying to lay my hands on one of those Nintendo Wii consoles (they’re like rocking horse poo over here), so my weekly phone call to Toys ‘R’ Us this morning was slightly different – rather than the usual “Got any Wiis coming in?” was replaced by the laugh-’til- you-cry:

Do you have any Wii on your hands?

Cue me laughing like a manic laughing thing, and the guy the other end snorting (glad I don;t have to use that phone after him) for a good 2 minutes before he could answer.

Personally I think I deserve one for the unique way I asked…Hmm…opens up Word:

Dear Nintendo,

I think I need to lay off the strong coffee a bit…

Random Friday stuff

Whilst moving between offices this morning, I happened upon TGND so settled in for a bit of a geeky chat.

It all started promisingly:

“Have you heard of Geek Squad?” he asks.
“It rings a vague bell.” says I.
“I’m gonna call them and have a dictaphone to record them…” he goes on, with an evil smirk.
“Why’s that?” I enquire.
“I’m gonna ask them some questions regarding Linux, and when they say they don’t do Linux, I’m gonna say ‘What kind of geeks are you? you’re not geeks, you’re nerds!'”

I had to agree with him there.

The conversation then went on with me noting that there was only 1/2 hour and an hour until the weekend (I have no idea why I said it that way either).

This led him to (mildly) rant about how old people say strange things regarding time: “5 and 20 to 4.” and such.

Somehow this led to us discussing whether time would exist after the end of the world (I know, I know). Personally I think it would:

“What’s the time now?”
“20 minutes past the end of the world…”
“Damn, did you set the video for Eastenders?”

Random Fridays – I love ’em

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