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Come in number 6, your time is up…

And so I find myself at the arse end of the week, feeling down again. What I would really, really like right now, is for Whabbs to turn up on my doorstep and drag me off for all the Guinness’ she’s been teasing me with.

So much has happened in the last 6 months – both for me and her, I think we’d still be talking in a week’s time about it all.

Basically, I just need her to buy me beer, then slap me round the head and tell me to sort myself out…and get the next round in 😉

EDIT: For added funneh 🙂



2nd EDIT: I’m picking my new bed up tonight! 🙂 woo! and indeed – yay! The only question is: do I have time to get my new bed home after finishing at 5, AND get my old bed to the dump (which closes at 6)…shouldn’t be too difficult, and seeing as the Tudor is but a stone’s throw from the dump, I’ll have a celebratory pint – result!

Weeee…Friday again

Another working week (almost) behind us 🙂

Had a few beers with Darren last night – started out to be an enjoyable evening until this moronic woman came in and ruined it for us. We ended up hiding from her in the smoking area out back of the Tudor – kind of funny really, I mean, this is OUR local and she just wouldn’t take the hint (is telling someone to ‘fuck off’ a subtle enough hint?).

Anyhoo, we both got drunk so all’s well that ends well…

I don’t know how many of the people who visit my site check out the links, but I regularly visit many of them (Scaryduck and Rikaitch especially, and of course B3ta). Rikaitch posted a YouTube video t’other day – thought I’d share it as it does look kind of impressive:

Been at work for almost 2 hours now, done most of the stuff I have to do…time to surf for a while 🙂

I love my job 😀

I’ve no idea what to do this weekend – your suggestions are welcome

EDIT: Check out this link – I promise it’s not pr0n or anything dodgy…just fecking hilarious…gonna keep me entertained this morning 🙂

2nd EDIT: Almost 10am (3 hours to go – woohoo!), still surfing like a mad surfing thing 🙂 found this on Scaryduck:

“You still smoking then?”

“Naah – I’m tryin’ to give it up. I’m doin’ that Hitler Therapy an’ everthing.”

“Don’t you mean ‘hypnotherapy’?”

“Tried that an’ all – it’s shit. Now, yer Hitler Therapy – really does work.”

“What’s it all about then?”

“I pay fifty quid a session, an’ this little Austrian bloke with a moustache shouts at me every time I try an’ light up. For an extra twenty notes, you get a load of mucky pictures of Eva Braun.”

“Good, is it, then?”

“Yeah, but I can’t shake this burnin’ urge to go an’ invade Poland.”

“But you can get patches for that, can’t you…”

Um…he is not mad (allegedly) – but he IS a gooner (summat I overlook as he’s too fecking funny to miss…)

Anyhoo, too busy for all this…

*waits for kettle to boil*

News from the weekend

I know – it’s Tuesday – I’m late. So sue me.

Was a great weekend though – had my first driving lesson in 22 years 🙂 seems I’ve not picked up too many bad habits either so should be ok to take my test January time I reckon.

After the lesson, I headed to Harriett’s and babysat while she went shopping (read babysitting as laying on the couch snoozing). Had a bit of dinner then we went out about 9.30 for some beer.

Now, seeing as it was quite late, I was on a mission to drink it seems – in about half an hour I’d drunk 3 pints and was well onto the 4th. Harriett went off into town to meet up with tricia et al while I stayed in the Tudor until it closed, at which point a group of us decided to head into town for an Indian meal. Well, by the time we’d got organised (and stopped getting more beers), the restaurant was closed so it was decided (in blokey-type wisdom) to just carry on drinking.

Somehow in the next hour or so Harriett and me met up again, then got a taxi back to hers (I don’t remember that at all), I do remember walking the babysitter home and realising I was actually, VERY drunk. Got back to the house drank some vodka then crashed out.

First thing I saw in the morning was a glass of vodka beside the bed so in this way I prevented the inevitable hangover (Harriett suffered badly all day bless her).

Got back to my house about 3 Saturday afternoon, had a bath, got changed and went back down the Tudor to meet up with mates and compare notes on what actually happened the previous night. Nobody was out – seems I was the only one not suffering 🙂

Went back to Harriett’s about 6 (she was having a firework party) and proceeded to do it all again…this time I ended the night doing shots with John – we were alternating between tequila, ouzo and plum brandy. Weirdly, I woke up the next morning looking at a shot glass of Bailey’s (so I drank it)…this didn’t keep the hangover away though.

I did manage to eat 2 big plates of dinner (thanks Harriett – your Sunday roasts are awesome 🙂 ) then went home to get a well deserved early night…well, that was the plan. I ended up having a late one in the Tudor again and was EXTREMELY hungover Monday morning – I hate Mondays

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