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The V weekend (edited version)

Thursday night: We finally got going at 7pm, chugged along the A14, M6 (stopping at services ‘cos Tricia was bursting for a pee, and drinking Stella does not help this. Nor apparently, does me talking about gentle mountain streams, but I digress…)

Found ourselves outside the Bradford Arms about 2 miles from Weston Park along with a convoy of other campers etc. The nice pub people didn’t mind us all camping in their carpark for the night (although looking at the mess left in the morning*, they probably do now). After the pub stopped serving and kicked everyone outside, the party started in earnest – there was music coming from everywhere, drunken people wandering from van to van, chatting, smoking, drinking – you get the picture.

I settled down with a couple of joints and the obligatory Stella and was chatting to this guy Chad. He’s in a band – Green Vigo – and entertained Glynn and me (Harriett at this time was drunk and being a little um, obnoxious to him). Still, he gave me half an E (which was very good), sang for a bit, then I crashed out about 3 and he wandered off.

I woke really early – and seeing as the 4 of us were cramped up in the camper, I got out with a can of Stella, and watched the monstrous queue for the festival crawl by our campsite, managed to blag some coffee from the van next door (conicidentally, when we got to our pitch at V, this van was next door to us), had an early morning joint, and mooched about waiting for the lightweights to wake up.

Friday: Got into the festival about 10, went straight to the ticket exchange (scary moment when you’re not QUITE sure if you have a genuine ticket…), all got our wristbands and back to the pitch to setup tents etc.

Took me about 3 minutes to put up my tent, throw everything inside and sit with a beer watching Glynn put his tent up. This entertainment took about half an hour at which point the other 3 decided, as I’d woken them up so early, they were going back to sleep.


I went for a wander πŸ™‚

As it was so hot πŸ™‚ I took my shirt off and was happily meandering along, checking out prices for food, where the bars were – all the important stuff, when I heard some scousers (people from Liverpool) talking loudly behind me:

“He’s got a cock on his arm!” (my Spurs tattoo – we beat Liverpool the previous week). Some banter went back and forth between us, I passed one of them (Mike) my joint, he gave me a swig of his cider, and we became friends. Discussing the lack of E that we had, but lots of weed, Mike suggested we do a trade – he had pills, but little weed.

And so we retired to their campsite. Now V has numerous campsites – there’s one for campervans only which I had a wristband for, and then there’s about 5 or 6 others for just tents. My wristband wouldn’t get me into the camp. Bugger.

So I jumped the fence (several times over the course of the weekend), smoked a few joints, had some more beer, and Mike gave me an E πŸ™‚

~~~ wavy lines showing some time passing ~~~

I get back to our little pitch, everyone is up and wondering where I’ve been. Now, bearing in mind I was high as a kite on E, big ol’ grin on my face, this was a silly question I think.

And so, we wander off to the arena, where I point out the key things I’d noted – cheapest food etc. location of the stages/tents and all that good stuff.

Lovely afternoon just acclimatising to the festival before it all kicked off the next day πŸ™‚

So, in the evening, we had a few more beers, discussed who we wanted to see, who we definitely DIDN’T want to see (I hate Snow Patrol), then the lightweights decided to crash out.

So I wandered off (can you see a pattern emerging here?)

I jumped the double fence into the blue campsite and went to see Mike and his crew who were still partying hard. Spent most of the night with them, having a really good time, managed to actually pull Emma, a 23 year old from Birmingham (lovely body, but horrible accent) and went back to her tent for some *ahem* adult fun (we got caught by one of her friends in the act, but she wasn’t up for a 3some – hey, I was out of my head, these things have to be asked).

Staggered back to my tent about 4 and promptly crashed out.

Saturday: I was up bright and early and as I hadn’t found the showers, I took my towel and washing gear to the cold water standpipe where I had a good all over scrub – made me feel top of the world.

Got back to our pitch and Tricia was up so I had a coffee with her. She remarked that I’d had about 4 hours sleep since we left and how did I manage to be so fucking cheerful in the morning?

Next, Harriett crawled out of her tent full of the joys of spring grumpy as fuck ‘cos she hadn’t got laid. Her mood improved** when I piped up with a cheery smile “I have!”

The rest of the day was spent in the arena listening to various bands – they all walked so slowly, I got separated from them in the crowd*** and just did my own thing.

Now, I’d taken a few drinks into the arena with me – some cans, half a litre of vodka and coke, and another half litre of a combination of vodka, firewater and fruit flavoured water (tasted lovely to sip on). While I was watching Oasis, sipping on this concoction, this tiny woman next to me asked if she could have some of my water, so I passed her the bottle which she had a big swig of…then spent 2 minutes trying to take a breath. Oh, how I giggled. Then felt sorry for her as she was so tiny, so I put her up on my shoulders.

Got back to my tent about 1 and almost straight away Mike called me asking if I was coming over to there place. So off I went…

No idea what time I got back this time, but I did wake up in my tent, so it’s all good.

Sunday: Now this was the biggest day – so many bands clashed on different stages, I knew I didn’t stand a chance of seeing them all if I stuck with the others, so I managed to lose them when we got back in the arena – that was when Pendulum came on actually – my back started really aching, so I headed out of the crowd and sat under a tree, off my head on legal E (2 x Diablo pills – very nice and no come-down), had a bit of a rest then did my thing buzzing between stages watching all the bands I liked, finishing with The Killers who played a blinding set.

Grabbed a burger on my way out ofΒ  the arena and headed for my tent (needed some weed as I’d run out). Sat in the tent rolling a couple of joints (the others had already got back and gone to sleep – lightweights) and got a call from Mike:

“Where are you?”
“I’m in my tent building a joint.”
“Oh, it’s just that Emma has been round all day asking where you are…”

Arse. So that killed my party place πŸ™ I wandered through the campervan site, found a few people partying and chatted with them until I decided to crash.

Monday: Up really early again, got all my gear packed, wandered down to top up the charge on my phone, grab a coffee and grin at the ‘lost souls’ (well, after a weekend partying, everyone looks like that), then got back to the van where Tricia was up making coffee (yay!)

After Harriett and Glynn woke up, we had the entertainment of watching Glynn pack away his tent, got everything else sorted and left.

And that’s about the weekend – we stopped at a truck stop for breakfast and got home about noon (I headed straight for the pub).

* I never dump rubbish
** She got grumpier
*** Took off at about mach2 through the crowd leaving them in a cloud of dust

This post does not condone the use of drugs – legal or otherwise. In other words kids, JUST SAY NO! (that way there’s more for me…)

EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to add this: BU’ER – GET A DAMN WORDPRESS BLOG!

I'm back from V

No major injuries too πŸ™‚ (well, my back is killing me ‘cos I actually DANCED MY FUCKING ARSE OFF!).

I’m desperately in need of a bath (had a poo* when we stopped at some services – pity the next one in after me…I’d saved that all weekend πŸ™‚ )

Top act I saw of the weekend? Pendulum without a doubt (although it was this point my back went), Killers were awesome as ever, Oasis had a great set Saturday too – I reckon I managed to see about 35 bands, drank a metric shitload of alcohol, slept very little…and had such a good time πŸ™‚

More to follow – and picture/video uploads…

*I swear I felt half a stone lighter afterwards

EDIT: Just saw the highlights from the West Ham v Spurs game (1-2) – Defoe is on fire for Spurs right now πŸ™‚


2nd EDIT: My back is fucked up, my stomach muscles are fubared, I’m drunk (probably still…), and I’m cooking πŸ™‚ woo!

Thursday evening…

And did today drag or what?

Still, it’s over now – got the whole (extended) weekend to look forward to.


V Festival

Woo! I’m going πŸ™‚

Paid for my ticket today (Β£185) so should get it Wednesday/Thursday.

Should be a great weekend – lots of good music, mucho beer, maybe some recreational substances πŸ™‚

And the bonus for me this time around is: I’m not responsible for looking after Harriett (AKA Lightweight) – that’s Glynn’s job this year.

So now all I have to do is get my tent out and make sure it’s still all there, throw some clothes in a bag, and that’s me ready to roll.

Hopefully the weather’s gonna be good this year – it’s sunny and hot right now, but it could all change in a few minutes.

But I don;t care – I’m off to V and rain or shine, I’m gonna have some serious fun πŸ™‚

EDIT: bollox, thought it was next weekend – it’s the 22nd/23rd. Arse. Still, at least I’m going πŸ™‚ and more time to prepare…

Not again

I hate Mondays. I’ve said this enough, so most people who know me, know this.

Lately though, I’ve been getting the mid-week blues – last Wednesday and now today – I just feel so useless. I really do just want to go somewhere and be alone for a while – talking to people is a struggle, trying to smile isn’t really worth it, so I’m wearing my “leave me the fuck alone” face today.

I’m still deciding whether to goto V festival this year – I WANT to go, but would rather go with someone and share the weekend than go on my own. Gotta make my mind up about this seeing as it’s a week on Saturday.

Of course, what I should do is save some money up, pay off what I owe Kathy, then go on a blinding holiday somewhere hot when the weather’s starting to get cold here…

Oh well, at least I’m (relatively) fit and healthy – what have I got to moan about?

No humour in the above, so have another blatant rip from

Anyway, one night I was drinking in a pub in a small town in the back end of nowhere. The majority of patrons were farmers and bushies and there were also a significant number of aborigines who had come in from their bush camps to get alcohol. In addition tourism was establishing itself as a local industry at the time and there were a few visitors from an American run tour group in attendance. There was one woman in this group of well-to-do tourists who was in her 50s, flashy smile, well structured, a bit sexy, some innate dignity. She was probably a lovely person in her natural habitat but she was over dressed for an outback pub and out of place. She had the designer khaki, the Timberland boots, the earrings and flashy pearl necklace, the expensive bush hat draped behind her; all together more posed than functional. But bless her – she was trying at least.

She might have been trying a bit too hard though. She wandered over to a high mileage, wizened, gap-toothed aboriginal elder who happened to be wearing around her neck a string of crocodile teeth laced with a leather thong. The visitor wasn’t trying to cause offence I am sure but she managed it anyway by saying β€˜Oh, how lovely. Your people must value crocodile teeth as much as my people value pearls’. The aboriginal woman considered her for a moment then slowly shook her head and turned away saying scornfully β€˜Any cunt can open an oyster’.

Heh πŸ™‚

Happy days…

Great week (so far) at work – lots of orders coming in, work going out – all is good πŸ™‚

V Festival tickets go on sale March 6 – I’m definitely going this year, so gotta grab them when I can rather than relying on the roulette that is Ebay nearer the time (August 22-23 πŸ˜‰ ).

So anyway, I’m trying to save some money for my Morocco break. It seems so easy – I stay in, do housework and don’t spend money. What actually happens is: I stay in, stare at the housework waiting to be done, eat more, stare some more, then go to bed.

Tonight I WILL do housework…unless something else comes up in the meantime.

I also have a minor crisis – do I get my hair cut now and then probably again before I go away, or do I just leave it until then? ditto on shaving – although I think I’ll just grow another beard before going (I’m just lazy I guess…)

I actually gave my first thought to what I’m taking to Morocco last night – sunglasses of course, shorts, t shirts, couple of pairs of jeans, jumper and jacket (it gets cold at night in the desert apparently…)

Anyway, 3.5 weeks until then πŸ˜€ time to get my head out of holiday mode and back into work mode.


Now, this SHOULD be a blog saying how awesome V Festival was…

Bleah – but I didn’t go…does it show that I’m still feeling a little bit miffed about it?

To add insult to injury, I was sitting at home last night, having spent a few hours (since leaving work actually) in the bar when I got a call from Harriett – could she come round and borrow my computer to check out something on t’interweb?

Being the nice guy I am (and also quite stoned), I said yes.

So she turns up and starts looking for tickets for Leeds/Reading and Creamfields festivals 😐

Tickets go on sale for V Festival 2009 today – give it a week or two to get some cash together then I’m getting mine for Chelmsford next year – not gonna miss out again like I did this year. Watching coverage on TV, it looked excellent…

Anyway, the weekend ended up being a carbon copy of previous weekends – if you’ve not seen my YouTube page recently, here’s what happened when Bruno fell asleep in the Tudor and we all built a fort around him from chairs/stools etc.

It’s all fun…and yes, I was really wasted, but I still managed to get the whole thing on video (unlike Liam, who I had to bluetooth it to ‘cos he missed the stack falling…)

As a footnote, I’d like to add that Bruno was (mostly) unharmed.

Woohoo! πŸ˜€

I WAS planning on going to V Festival this weekend, but circumstances beyond my control (begins with ‘H’, has 8 letters, and ends in ‘arriett’) prevented this – so I’m quietly fuming.

One day I’ll learn to be a proper bastard and stop listening to other people.

Anyway, Friday – let’s check what’s what:

  • Bi-weekly backup? check
  • Pay? OK, I was paid in advance last week, so check
  • Coffee? Thanks, I’d love one…wait, maybe I’ve had too many already

3 and a bit hours to go… *looks around* and about 30 minutes worth of work. Hmm…I could always boot up the tower I bought in from home and install Linux on it – that’ll while away the hours πŸ™‚

Played badminton again last night – I’m really getting into it (translates as: I didn’t sweat as much as the previous week), followed by one or seven pints in the Tudor.

Well, looks like this weekend is going to be much the same as previous ones, rather than sitting in a field pissed up listening to various bands while drinking Stella and partaking of various chemicals, I’ll be, um, sitting in the Tudor, drinking Carlsberg, partaking of various chemicals and maybe watching some football.

Hmm…just tried catching up on the latest football transfer rumours on – but it keeps crashing Firefox (I even tried internet explorer and that crashed too…). Still, looks like Berbatov is still a Spurs player (for now) although, apparently Man Utd. have delayed their team photograph so they can include him…

*Gets coffee*

3 hours to go…

It’s no good – I’ve got to do something…

EDIT: It’s 12.30 – half an hour to go…

*starts shutting down computers slowly*

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