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More on Vodafone

Tried to login my account today to check how much my final payment would be – it’s deactivated 🙂 so nothing to pay…next up I phoned my old number – still working 🙂

She REALLY did what she said she was going to do!

Vodafone – an update

Just taken a call from the office of the Director of Vodafone – a very nice lady apologised for the confusion and has promised to cancel the ‘contract’ today with no early termination fees due from me.

She has also said, that as I no longer wish to port the number across, she’ll arrange for the line to remain open for 3 months to catch any calls from people who don’t have my new number.


EDIT: Job done!

Dear Mr Bennett.

Thank you for your time today on the phone.

I would like to confirm that I have removed your commitment period on the account and moved your number over to Pay As You Go today. This means you shall be billed up to and including today only.

Your next bill received will be your final bill detailing, should anything be due or if there should be any monies owed back to yourself.

Please be aware that should there be no activity on your number it will only remain active for 90 days if. To avoid this you would need to make any chargeable service on your account to keep the number connected.

For further information on PAYG please see our website for further information

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the confusion surrounding your account and the length of time it has taken for this matter to be resolved.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards.

Danijela Zahorodnyj
Directors’ Office

For and on behalf of
Guy Laurence

Vodacon – an update

So, a few more emails have gone back and forth – what they are saying now is that only 5-10% of calls are recorded and they’d need the sales agent’s name to find the call made to me. This sounds like bullshit to me – surely it would be marked on my account who had ‘sold’ me a contract?

Anyway, I posted my woes on the Giffgaff forum and got this reply:

Oh Vodafone! How they continue to live on their old reputation, but are one of the naffest networks about.

Ok I had problems with Vodafone and I managed to break away from an 18 month contract 6 months early. What I did was I wrote a full blown complaint to their CEO by email. Trust me this works.

The email for the current Vodafone CEO is and also copy 

Make sure you emphasise that you was falsely led to believe that you was on a 30 day rolling contract, you are disgusted with the service you have received and would like to cancel ASAP.

Should work, let us know how you get on.

Looks like I’ll be getting another email out tonight 🙂

EDIT: Quiet afternoon at work – email sent 🙂


Or VodaCON as I now call them are a bunch of pricks.

When I had 2 months remaining on my 24 month contract, I called them up to enquire how much it would cost to pay off the contract as I had seen some really good deals on PAYG (Giffgaff) and was planning on switching.

I got a call back from their sales people who offered me a 300 minute, unlimited texts and internet* for £10 a month. What’s more, the guy informed me, it would be a 30 day rolling contract so I could cancel anytime by giving them 30 days notice. He also said, that if I agreed to this, he could run it from midnight that day, thus saving me the 2 months left on my contract.

This sounded great so I agreed.

And soon started noticing that Vodacon’s PAYG service was nowhere near as efficient as their contract one – people couldn’t call me (kept getting the message my number was unavailable despite having a strong signal), and texts weren’t appearing for up to 3 days.

At this point, I called them up to cancel and was informed I’d have to pay for the remainder of the 12 month contract – WTF? I pointed out I didn’t have a 12 month contract, but a 30 day rolling contract. The customer (dis)service monkey said they’d have to check the sales call and get back to me within 7 days (almost 2 weeks ago now).

I cancelled the direct debit paying them, activated my Giffgaff sim and thought it would get sorted…

I heard nothing so contacted them via their website email and got this email from them:

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Mobile phones

For the last day I’ve had what can only be described as: FUCKING AWFUL SERVICE on my phone (Vodafone). Yesterday, it took me about 2 hours and countless reboots (IT cure-all: “Did you try turning it off and on again?”), before I could connect to the network – no way was I calling their £fuck-knows-how-much-a-minute ‘help’ line, so I gritted my teeth (and started reading my T&C) and accepted it…it seemed to work itself out.

Today, I had a few problems sending texts etc. and, being the kind hearted guy I am (generally – I’ve not mentioned the work thing yet, I’m trying to work through it*), I put it down to a temporary issue with Vodafone’s network and thought they’d sort it over the weekend…just got a text “Sorry, got no signal” from a fellow Vodafone (think I’ll refer to them as ‘gotnofone’ from now on). Bless…but she is blonde (and lovely 🙂 )

I’m cooking boeuf bourguignon right now for tomorrow – it smells so good, and of course, half a bottle of wine for the pot, half for me…and then open another bottle for me 🙂 so I’ve sat and drunk most of that while watching ‘Highlander’ (classic film IMO) and am now feeling very happy 🙂 which is nice…

*Ah, yes…well, Tim (allegedly ‘Works Manager’ – couldn’t manage his way out of a fucking brothel – and he should know, he married the ugliest fucking Thai bird I’ve EVER seen)  is a cnut of the highest order (and I mean that as derogatory as I possibly can), and if he reads this – face up to me you knob – stop hiding behind the phone.

And breathe…aah 🙂

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