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Bloody weather…

It’s been lovely lately – as you can see from the latest Flikr pictures, London had warm, sunny weather over the weekend b) and since then it’s been really nice…

…Except for today – it’s raining, cold and miserable 🙁

On the bright side, at least I hadn’t planned a trip to Cambridge today (don’t forget your wellies Harriett! 😉 ), but listening to the rain drum down is starting to annoy me.

And so, I took a trip to the painters next door to check on some jacks we’re having sprayed. After discussing what needed masking off and such details, I said “You DO know these are to be blue right?” (we ALWAYS spray in Golden Yellow 🙂 )

The look of total panic on her face was a picture, and it was a nimble footed me that skipped out of the way from a right hander…

Passes the time eh?

Turdsday (or summat like that…)

Well, the snowy weather we were threatened with this week seems to have failed to arrive (woo!) – instead we have drizzly rain (ack). On the bright side though, at least it’s melting the stubborn bits of snow that are still dotted here and there, and no need to deice the car in the mornings! 🙂

In other news, I’m still waiting for ‘The Talk™’ – not sure whether she’s too busy to call or what…what is it with women? why can they not just say what they want and be done with it – who the fuck needs all this having to work out what they mean?

Looks like I’m gonna be signing up for some weekend work anyway – 12 hour shifts, the money will certainly help things out, and I think maybe I need some time alone to be honest.

In general work is going well right now – the work is coming in slowly, couple of sales have materialised, so we should be ok for a bit longer…all the line station testing should be coming up this month too – maybe some time out of the office for me?

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