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Les Bleus…

All that ranting…and WordPress stole my post 😐

Basically, I’m not too happy…I’ve never seen a ‘squad’ not get along with each other since I was 3.

France, LOOK at the quality you have, please don’t ever go to a World Cup Final with a coach who’s already said he’s fucking off, and a squad he picked who don’t even talk to each other.

I said from the start of the finals, that IF France get out of the group, they’ll be good to watch…doesn’t look like it’s gonna happen now huh?

My l’il sis was working in the Tudor tonight – hopefully she’s not feeling as pissed off as me or she’ll be barring people left, right and centre…

Well, it’s down to England now then…


When I say predictable, I mean what I’m gonna blog about and not England losing out (again).

First the football πŸ™ then the rugby πŸ™ then Lewis Hamilton failing to secure the F1 title.

I’m sure I’m not alone in putting the blame for the football squarely on McClaren’s shoulders (prick should’ve had Defoe on the bench – that’s who we needed with 10 minutes to go, someone fast and with a taste for goals).

As for the rugby, well, what the hell was wrong with that try? I must’ve seen it from every possible angle and it was clearly a good try – his foot was not over the line when the ball went down – in the pub where I watched it, there was nobody in any doubt that it was a try – look, even the 2nd and 3rd in line to the throne thought so:

Harry & Wills

And then to finish off the sports week from hell, Lewis Hamilton (local boy – from just down the road from me), failed to secure the world title. On a plus note though, at 22, he certainly is a future champion.

So sportwise the week wasn’t too good, but this can be turned around tonight when Spurs play Newcastle. COYS!

At least I had Harriett to cheer me up πŸ™‚

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