Bloody winter

    Sigh…snow on the car again this morning, and Corina had thoughtfully turned the heating FULL ON in the office before leaving last night.


    It was like walking into an oven when I got in…left the door and windows open while I turned it way down so I could breathe and my poor computers could actually get some cooling air to them – I also have a cunning plan:

    I’m coming in over the weekend to ‘modify’ the thermostat on the heater in the main office, and set it to a comfortable maximum heat – the heater in my office will just have the switch disabled 😀

    Is it just me that can’t function with electric heaters? they dry my eyes out and make me sleepy – if it gets cold, I put on a sweater (and when it gets infeasibly hot – as it so often does in the UK /sarcasm – I play the game where I slowly strip off clothing in the office to see how long it takes Corina/the boss to notice…this also serves to make sure nobody steals my chair 😛 )

    Have a good Friday all 🙂

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    1. I take off clothing, too. I hate the heat. I would much rather be cold than hot.

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