I guess it happens…

    Arie? you’re sagging…

    da boobs


    For everyone else – there was a gang of us in Yahoo! chat years back, and Arie had a cleavage I coveted *wipes drool* alas, t’was not to be – something to do with freight charges and stuff…

    I’m just…just…I dunno – only you and I remember what they looked like…and you still have one bigger than the other…

    And thinking about it – I don’t recall ever seeing your face?

    fuck old age – viva Yahoo! and all who sailed in it…


    *I apologise for anyone I’ve not tagged – please beat me with a shitty stick, you all are my friends 🙂

    EDIT: and now I remembered Giz do y’all remember when we had the bots autobooting the room? it was OUR room…fuck me, between us – 9er, Brock, Mike, Skully et al, we did fucking own Yahoo – great times 🙂

    SECOND EDIT: Yes, I’m pilling again…fucking sue me 🙂 actually, wait…I just dropped my third one (Playboys if you want to know, clean and very nice)

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    0 thoughts on “I guess it happens…

    1. Wait. Did you just seriously say I was sagging?

      You don’t say that to a 26 year old who may or may not be really hung up on turning 30.


      And yes – I’m sure you’ve seen my face – it’s just hard for you to remember the other pictures because of ones like this.

      (And as an FYI – I do have a head, it’s just a little hard to get a good shot of the girls with out asking someone to do it for you. Geeze…)

    2. Oops…I’m off for a beer – lemme know how this turns out (pill fingers)

    3. Arie is NOT sagging, snee. Her boobs are bodacious! If that’s what you think about her boobs, then you’re never seeing mine.

    4. Noticee again how I did not call you a perc in this thread?
      Those were some fun days, ya gotta admit. Here are two of my favorie memories and ironically they both involve you snee.
      1) No! The OTHER alt key! I think snee and beetleguise (Giz) held the record with 7 alt f4 moves.
      2) Brenda, snee and, myself sitting in Nascar rooms with the monkey song, lists of bot names and, booters!
      Arie was legendary with 4am phone calls.
      Those were the days.

    5. I forgot Giz – and that man I can never forget…I’m so sorry…

      He was the ultimate script kiddie – no idea about coding, but LOVED to boot 😀 – Canadian I think?

      He offered me to see his cam one time, but I turned it down (no bewbies lol) – to see him would have been bad ya know?

      Very intelligent guy, and someone I did have some respect for…no, I STILL have respect for 🙂

    6. My 4am phone calls? Hmmm…

      1. well…he never called me… 🙁

    7. I bet there were no phone calls because you might say words that make people’s feelings hurt… like… SAGGING.


    8. You fuck!

      I just realized you tagged this as “Saggy Boobs”.

      You are totally locked out of the good posts from now on!

      1. Wasn’t me – someone else did it and ran away…

        Damn those absent admins!

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