Dreary, grey Monday mornings…

    I’ve mentioned thousands of times how much I dislike Mondays – the sneaky way they’re there at the end of a weekend. Ack.

    This weekend wasn’t so good mind – went to see Kathy to be told she didn’t want a relationship. Bugger. Still, at least it wasn’t via a text or phone call.

    Got to work expecting a container to be here ready for loading the jacks going to Panama – just an email from the freighters to say “Sorry – gonna be tomorrow now.”

    And I just realised I never went to the ATM so have no cash.

    Fucksocks – can today get any worse? (Did I mention it’s cold and raining?)

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    One thought on “Dreary, grey Monday mornings…

    1. I will buy you a pint if it makes you feel any better.
      I won’t even sexually harass you unless you want me to.
      OK I lie. I’m going to sexually harass you , like it or not…but hey, there’s a free pint in it.

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