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    Almost at 60,000 hits :O

    7 hits to go – will it happen today? B3ta.com QOTW this week is “Customers from hell”. One of the posts pointed to this site – it’s so funny…:D I’m trying to save some money – I’ve decided to buy myself a new TV/monitor and mayne a blu-ray drive…then I need to replace my bed (too noisy *whistles*), get new carpet in the lounge, renew my patio or maybe lay decking. Oh, and I need a new vacuum cleaner… And so I’m staying in all week – and was I bored last night – watched a couple of films then […]

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    As I may have mentioned once or twice, I spend much of my working day (good job my boss doesn’t read my blog…) reading the QOTW on B3ta.com 🙂 This weeks’ QOTW (that’s ‘question of the week’) is ‘Pointless experiments‘ and it’s hilarious – I’ve only ead 3 pages (slow morning…) and my nose is sore from laughing so hard coffee comes out of it. It’s Friday! 🙂 yay! Payday, half day, start of the weekend… I LOVE Fridays 🙂 Anyone fancy meeting me for a beer (or 20) later? Oh yeah, I posted a Youtube video that Rikaitch had […]

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    Scaryduck – master blogger

    Quite a dead day at work (stuck answering phones that refuse to ring) so I’m basically hitting my favourite time wasting links (that’ll be B3ta and Scaryduck then). Quite often B3ta will have me literally LOLing (why is it always when the boss is around too?) and Scaryduck never fails to make me chuckle and snort like a demented um…snorting chuckler. This almost made me wet myself: Luckily, there’s a guy from the AA breakdown service nearby and he’s happy to help out as long as it doesn’t disturb his world record chain-smoking attempt. “It’s the alternator, madam” he says, […]

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