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    I must be getting old…

    I was supposed to go for a few beers last night – Liam’s 19th, and Harriett’s 45th (Wednesday). Couldn’t be bothered though – so I stayed home and had an early night. Got a great night’s sleep though, my phone battery died durig the night and so there was no alarm to wake me – thus I was rushing around like a headless (but well rested) chicken at 7.30. Made it into work by 7.45 though – I rock! I’m not old – I’m saving energy… 😉

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    Tomorrow's the day…Yid Army!

    Rik, I ALWAYS answer email – and I check my junk folder constantly (always thinking “Why have junk filters when I go through to make sure nothing got junked by accident…”, a geek thing probably *shrugs*) I had a lunch date yesterday 🙂 well, we met at 2, but it seemed to go well and it was well after 11 when I wandered into the Tudor for a sneaky last pint. Of course, it’s never that easy…ended up in town and remember a kebab in the New Inn? Oh, and rumour has it there’s a football game on tomorrow…in London? […]

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    Thursdays – full of the promise of the weekend

    I LOVE Thursdays 🙂 Got my mum’s broadband connection up and running last night – complete with the whole “Install CD? manual? HA! I laugh at you!” then proceeded to plug all the cables in and use a browser (Firefox of course) to configure the router – job done. Had to use those power adaptor wireless thingies (technical term) ‘cos her master phone socket is downstairs while the computer is upstairs – connection is good though. Now all I’ve got to do is add a TV card so my brother and me can wire the CCTV cameras into the computer […]

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    The weekend


    Friday Finished work at 1pm, paid a few bills etc., had a bath and got right onto the important things in life: getting a few beers down me 🙂 And then this happened: Resulting in this: What actually happened is Wendy, with an empty box in front of her, decided to sit in it and asked us to send her home. So her brother (Dennis) and me taped her into the box, then Andy (her fiance) and me carried her outside for ritual humiliation…as you do 😀 The rest of Friday is a blur of drink etc. Saturday VERY hungover…managed […]

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    As I may have mentioned once or twice, I spend much of my working day (good job my boss doesn’t read my blog…) reading the QOTW on B3ta.com 🙂 This weeks’ QOTW (that’s ‘question of the week’) is ‘Pointless experiments‘ and it’s hilarious – I’ve only ead 3 pages (slow morning…) and my nose is sore from laughing so hard coffee comes out of it. It’s Friday! 🙂 yay! Payday, half day, start of the weekend… I LOVE Fridays 🙂 Anyone fancy meeting me for a beer (or 20) later? Oh yeah, I posted a Youtube video that Rikaitch had […]

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    Weeee…Friday again


    Another working week (almost) behind us 🙂 Had a few beers with Darren last night – started out to be an enjoyable evening until this moronic woman came in and ruined it for us. We ended up hiding from her in the smoking area out back of the Tudor – kind of funny really, I mean, this is OUR local and she just wouldn’t take the hint (is telling someone to ‘fuck off’ a subtle enough hint?). Anyhoo, we both got drunk so all’s well that ends well… I don’t know how many of the people who visit my site […]

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    (Almost) normal service is resumed

    Finally got around to uploading the pics from my holiday (the only topless ones are of me – more than my life’s worth to do otherwise…) – see them on my Flickr page here. Next thing is to upload the videos to YouTube… It was a great week all in all, ther only bad point was the delayed flight back meaning I missed Lee’s funeral. I’d recommend La Pineda in Spain for anyone looking for a good holiday – the weather was great, food was awesome, beer was cheap and plentiful (1 litre of San Miguel for 1.45 euros 🙂 […]

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    Black 24


    Another weekend almost over – another good one though 🙂 got to see my friends before they move back to the US, got back to town Friday night and decided to grab a couple of quick beers so I parked up at home and walked into town. Now, to set the scene: My original plan was to stay over at my friends and drive back Saturday, but I came back. Harriett is taking it easy with a bad back so she was only going to the cinema with her friend. Unbeknown to me, Harriett had got back and decided to […]

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