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    Why you should NEVER ask me what I’m thinking…

    So, there I was one morning, just woken up, layinh there grinning to myself. “What are you thinking?” asked Lisa, no doubt thinking I’d come out with some fluffy comment. “Well,” I began, “I was just thinking about painting monkeys – not in a watercolour, but using a roller..do you think purple or yellow monkeys would look best?” Personally, I prefer the idea of purple monkeys, but that’s just me… On another occasion, I decided an army of blue ducks would be a cool thing to have – Lisa thought they’d look better with tin hats 😐

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    Nokia N900

    I’ve had this phone for nearly 8 months now and I love it – the only thing that could improve it is if the keyboard hinged upwards when opened (like the N97). Other than that, it’s great! a full Linux operating system in a pocket sized package 🙂 A couple of weeks back, I installed Android onto the SD card and finally got around to booting into that last night while Lisa was cooking dinner (and what a dinner it was: roast lamb, mashed potatoes, roast potatoes, parsnips, carrots, peas, gravy and yorkshire puddings – I can honestly say I […]

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