Well, this is me:

    Aged 50, from St Neots in the UK (it’s near Cambridge).

    Definitely a geek, which probably explains why I’m still single…I’ve got a cat (Gif) who graciously lives with me and allows me to buy him food.

    Some facts about me:

    • I was born in Huntingdon, Cambs.
    • My middle name is John.
    • I am left handed.
    • I have 2 tattoos.
    • I walk very fast.
    • Love to eat.
    • Drink lager.
    • I hate liars.
    • Enjoy recreational drugs on occasion.
    • Support Tottenham Hotspur Football club.
    • Love to drive.
    • Drink black coffee.
    • I hate cheese.
    • I detest people who drop litter.
    • I’m terrible at reading people.
    • I failed my driving test when I was 17.
    • I have never watched ‘The Sound of Music’.
    • I do not care if I am cool or not.
    • I can never remember names.
    • My blood type is O positive.
    • I hate seafood.
    • I’m a cat person.
    • I’m stubborn.
    • Love washing up.
    • My star sign is Virgo.
    • I hate marmite.
    • I was born in the Chinese year of the Monkey.
    • I’m afraid of heights.
    • I have NEVER been overweight in my life.
    • I prefer toilet paper to go OVER the roll.
    • I was born in 1968.
    • I love Burger King.
    • I hate McDonalds.
    • I am very loyal.
    • I have blue eyes.
    • I drink a lot of tea.
    • I can easily read a book in a day.
    • I’m quite shy.
    • I love cinnamon doughnuts.
    • I love flying.
    • I hate airports.
    • I Google my name from time to time.
    • I fell off my bike aged 11 and have a scar under my nose from it.
    • I am the 3rd of 4 children.
    • I have trouble telling people I need them.
    • I am terrified of knives.
    • I give blood regularly.
    • I’m halfway there.
    • I used to have a paper round.
    • I hate cauliflower.
    • I collect old computers.
    • I don’t like people (in general).
    • I’ve been in jail.
    • In more than one country.
    • I’ve been in love (still am).
    • I’m a summer person.
    • I prefer brunettes to blondes.
    • I wear jeans.
    • My dad died in 2006.
    • I still miss him.
    • I enjoy being a geek.
    • I never dance.
    • I love to get a back rub.
    • I’m terrified I’ll end up alone.
    • I love music.
    • As I get older, I find it easier to tell people ‘STFU’.
    • I would do anything for my true friends.
    • I’ve had my own web site since 2000.
    • My first computer was an Acorn Atom.
    • I’ve never voted.
    • I’ve only had my driving licence since January 2008.
    • I have never heard anyone whistle using their fingers louder than my mum.
    • I like doing sudoku puzzles.
    • I enjoy airline food.
    • I hate shopping.
    • I’ve never missed an episode of ‘Lost’.
    • I love plain chocolate.
    • I love my job.
    • I used to love to design and build web sites.
    • I’m very irresponsible.
    • I’ve owned my domain name for several years now.
    • I never add salt to anything.
    • I don’t like wearing socks.
    • I sometimes get claustrophobic.
    • I have dimples on my cheeks.
    • I hate to see my name misspelt.
    • I hate so called ‘reality’ TV shows.
    • I’m addicted to Google.
    • I prefer email to any other form of communication.
    • I’ve never liked talking on the phone.
    • I love travelling.
    • I very rarely turn my mobile off.
    • I can’t keep a relationship going.
    • I listen to one song over and over sometimes.
    • I have the same waist size as 10+ years ago (30?).
    • I spend way too much time on the internet.
    • I am terrified of earwigs.
    • I hate writing lists…

    5 thoughts on “About

    1. Thrives on Guinness now ?

    2. I always have – I just think of the environment now and then and stay away from it for a while 🙂

    3. Just stumbled on this passing through. Great to see you still kicking. Take care.

    4. You might want to update this list!!! 😉

    5. I love the internet, just came across your page and nearly fell out of my chair.
      How are you going dude?

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