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    Alert! alert! new post :O

    Wow, 18 months since my last post…and reading that, things have certainly changed! and all for the better. Firstly, Lisa and I got married – very romantic affair really, it was sold to me that financially it made sense with the properties etc. As such, we got 2 witnesses, Lisa’s dad, and my mum and off to the registry office. We had the Muppet Show theme tune playing during the ceremony, then Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day’ (the only ‘sensible’ wedding ceremony song), follwed by Foo Fighters ‘Long Road to Ruin’. We left the registry office to the Muppets ‘Manamana’. Lisa […]

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    London Undergound


    Lisa posted on Facebook regarding our day out in that there London village, but here’s the basics: I’d got tickets to sit in the audience of Blockbusters (can I have a ‘P’ please Bob?) which would mean we’d get tickets to see ‘A League of Their Own‘ (mmm, Georgie Thompson ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Anyhoo, we got to London in time for some dinner in Covent Garden, (copy ‘n’ paste from Lisa now): The journey from Vauxhall to Syon Lane was on the overground train and it just started to rain…We wandered to the studios to find all the access points totally […]

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    Oh hai

    Yes, it’s been a long time…yes, I’ve been busy…yes, it did involve technical things (or ‘magic black boxes’ as Lisa calls them). Let me explain… So, deciding the 500MB external hard drive wasn’t big enough for the collection of films/TV shows I’ve downloaded recorded legally, I found the Zyxel NSA310 to quadruple my storage capacity with the added bonus ofย  having a bittorrent client (whatever THAT is…) built in, ditto FTP server. It acts as a media sharer too – which is nice. So, all music, TV, films etc were shoved onto this and streamed via DLNA to my laptop […]

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    The weekend, football, spooky stuff…

    So, another great weekend – Spurs had a resounding 3-1 victory over QPR yesterday (I’d put a bet on us winning 8-1) to end the weekend as it started ๐Ÿ™‚ I must mention first – Tash (Von’s youngest daughter) has just gone into hospital – her baby is due Thursday, but let’s hope she has an easy labour ๐Ÿ™‚ Talking of Tash – she actually looks like this: Her nickname at the moment is “Seven bellies” ‘cos she can’t half eat! Anyhoo, halloween tonight. Didn’t get down to the King’s Head at the weekend as Lisa had the kids, but […]

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