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    A blog post…

    Which is sometimes like a fence post (i.e. when I have nothing to blog about, so it’s wooden and very unfunny). Been to Hahn this week for some work – the guy I was working with there was a stereotypical German – blonde, blue eyed, and the sort of accent you imagine Germans having (English with a sorta German hint 😐 ). Now Frankfurt-Hahn airport has a LOT of history, and this guy talked me through it all (it was interesting actually), from the early days when Hitler built the first airstrip there (not personally I don’t think), then the […]

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    Where has the sun gone?

    It’s been one of those weeks – Monday was SUPPOSED to have been fairly easy for me…just a smidgen of paperwork to do before my trip to Hahn on the Tuesday/Wednesday. I hadn’t figured in the Tim factor (AKA: fuck up factor) – as such I spent the day in the workshop trying to get the paperwork over there up to date, then making sure delivery notes etc. were all ready for stuff going out while I was away (I could have left it for Corina to do, but I like to be ahead in these things). After work, I […]

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    It’s Friday!

    Woop, woop! Had a good day in Hahn yesterday – got the job done in about 3 hours and had 4 hours to myself before I could could check-in (I was on standby and had to wait for everyone else to check-in before I could be guaranteed a seat). The weather was lovely so I decided to take a walk into the village about 1km from the airport, find a bar/cafe and sit there for a while and practice my (incredibly bad considering I took it for 2 years at school – but that was a LONG time ago*) German. […]

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