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    One thing I forgot to mention…

    Remember my disastrous date where me talking like a pirate (it WAS September 19th in my defence!), and losing my car in the car park seemed to totally turn-off the lovely Wendy? I have a bit of a confession to make… Now, bearing in mind I currently drive a Ford Galaxy, 7 seater people carrier (no, I don’t know why either – but it’s handy for moving furniture and furtive fumbles in the back 😉 ) – which is a large green thing, and VERY visible, losing temporarily misplacing it is a bit embarrassing. Well, it happened again… I do […]

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    Nag, nag, nag…

    So I don’t post for a couple of weeks…I can think of one recently married woman who’s not blogged in a while – not mentioning any names bu’er. Well, I’m starting to REALLY enjoy tolerate nettle tea now – and it really does seem to ease hayfever symptoms. Tesco have sold out so a lot of people must like it or something… Well, I had a great weekend – spent it down with Kathy et famille ‘dahn sarf’ (septics will have to google it 😉 ), weather was great (not too much sneezing etc.), stunning countryside (look, we don’t have […]

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