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    Paddy’s day…

    Well, my head feels like someone stomped on it repeatedly, so it must have been good… Notice how I’d positioned myself right in front of the Guinness pump? my usual ‘seat’ is down the bar in the bar hatch (unwritten rule is you have to be able to do ‘dips’ with one hand either side of the hatch and your legs out straight to stand there – no fucker else can do it, so it’s MY place 😉 )

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    A typical Monday…

    Was a bit late in (only 20 minutes or so mind!) as I had a case of “can’t be bothered getting out of bed”, but soon got into the swing of things. I was caught up in my work when Corina suddenly said “The clock’s stopped!” and indeed it had, at 8.45 (I’m not a clock watcher so I hadn’t noticed). Thought I may as well change the battery in it so took it off the wall, turned it over and there’re 4 batteries in it (world time zones etc.) which confused me initially – then I just took the […]

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    Monday, Monday…

    Looking at my post count (and some of the comments 😉 ), it seems it’s been a while since I posted. Oh well… Had a great weekend – spent it in London with Marina (there’s that name again). Friday night we spent in The World’s End pub in Camden Town – Friday night is music night, and the band was really good…few drinks there, then back to Marina’s (it takes longer to drive about 5 miles in London than it takes for me to travel by train home – about 65 miles). Saturday started off very rainy, so we jumped […]

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