It’s Wednesday and I’m skint – Paddy’s day tomorrow and I have nothing to go out with 🙁

    *draws a line*

    No more lending money out for me…

    So, all you fuckers had better go out tomorrow and drink Guinness until it comes out your ears…and have a blinding time! 🙂

    EDIT: I may tap the boss up for a sub though…

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    3 thoughts on “Arse…

    1. Why don’t you go out and offer to let them buy you a Guinness?

      **waits for answer**

      1. Actually Sam (runs the Tudor) owes me a couple of beers – I’ll text her to get her to leave them behind the bar for me…looks like I’m getting paid a day early anyway – woohoo!

    2. drink one for me!

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