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    Definition of frustration:

    Just finished watching Dexter (series 5, episode 11)…episode 12 doesn’t air in the US for another few hours so I won’t be able to download it (thank you Pirate Bay 🙂 ) until the morning… I’m supposed to be off tomorrow, but I have to go in to check whether I’ll be off to Prestwick this week (and to stop me watching the download). I hate Mondays, but can’t wait for this one just to get to see the season finale…

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    Chilled out

    So here I am on a Friday evening – had some dinner and am sitting here with a lovely bottle of Merlot watching series 5 of Dexter 🙂 I got hooked on this show from when I was seeing Marina (was that really a year ago?) and it just gets better and better. Series 4 ended with such a shock ending that I thought that was it – only recently did I find yet another series and I’m loving it 🙂 It’s the perfect show really – a mix of CSI and dark humour. When I started watching the first […]

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    Back to routine…

    First day back at work today…the novelty wore off after about 15 minutes 😉 As I previously posted, I’ve been getting into the ‘Dexter‘ TV series – I’ve now watched all 4 series, and WHAT an ending to series 4! Considering Marina was halfway through series 3 when I started watching, I’ve not done too bad I don’t think – and of course, now I can do the whole “I know what happens next” when she’s watching series 4 (putting it on DVD for her to watch at the weekend – her housemate is hooked too). Of course, being as […]

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