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    B3ta newsletter…

    Always a good read (check it out here), but here’s some highlights from this weeks issue (issue 464 so, being a geeky thing, it mentions the Amstrad CPC464 a lot: If Lord Sugar’s mum had named him Barry Alan Sugar and not Alan Michael then his company would have been the quite wonderful BASTRAD PLC Heh…funny 🙂 The CPC disk operating system was called Amsdos – a variation on the name of the more popular MSDOS. Should the 464 had lasted a few more years then maybe it could have run Amsdows. That’s quite scary… INTERESTING! PORNY BIRO ART – […]

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    Sunny weather = excellent!

    Had my trip to Sweden – great place 🙂 very friendly people (and incredibly sexy women), great food…only downside is the expensive beer. But the women, oh my… Too hot to type much else…maybe add to it later. EDIT: OH yeah, forgot this: It seems that when I’m abroad, I tend to blend in with the people – in Spain, people talk to me in Spanish thinking I’m Spanish, in France they speak to me in French. Now it seems all Swedes are very fit, healthy looking specimens, so I was somewhat bemused when people spoke to me in Swedish […]

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    A great weekend…

    Kathy came down Friday (her birthday), so it saved me doing the 1.5 hour drive each way… And so – took her for a meal Friday night – was very nice :). I even took her shopping in Cambridge on Saturday, AND Inever complained once (heh – earnt myself mucho brownie points there let me tell you…) Another meal and a few drinks Saturday night, and onto Sunday… Decided to goto the Royal Oak in Hail Weston for dinner – as Ewa (my lodger) was around, I asked if she wanted to come too. So off we all went. Lovely […]

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