B3ta newsletter…

    Always a good read (check it out here), but here’s some highlights from this weeks issue (issue 464 so, being a geeky thing, it mentions the Amstrad CPC464 a lot:

    If Lord Sugar’s mum had named him Barry Alan Sugar and not Alan Michael then his company would have been the quite wonderful BASTRAD PLC

    Heh…funny 🙂

    The CPC disk operating system was called Amsdos – a variation on the name of the more popular MSDOS. Should the 464 had lasted a few more years then maybe it could have run Amsdows.

    That’s quite scary…

    INTERESTING! PORNY BIRO ART – no idea who makes these but if any women end up dead with a blue biro shoved up their vagina then Dexter would finger this guy.

    That’s just awesome…

    TOP TIP:
    Insulate your house. Inject a mixture of whipped egg white and sugar into the wall cavities and the loft. Turn the heating up to high. Hey presto: meringue insulation.

    And here is the fabled CPC464 (I’ve still got one at home!)

    Right, I’m off to Sweden – ciao 🙂

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