A pox on the gambling revolution

    Friday afternoon at work, 3 of us decided (I talked the others into it) to have a bet on the football:

    Hull to beat Arsenal

    Spurs to beat Liverpool

    Burnley to beat Chelsea

    We all put in £2 each, and with the treble, stood to get £1500 back if all results came in…sadly, none of them did.

    We laughed and put it down to experience – £2 each was no big deal, we could afford to take the loss.

    A key point here though, was I had to go into the bookies to place the bet – I refuse to have an app on my phone for betting.

    And so Monday lunchtime I was browsing the Football365.com website and came across this article. It highlights everything that is wrong with gambling today – the ease of which uncomfortable sums can be lost, the huge range of bets available, the endorsement of famous people.

    I lost £2 – I’m not chasing that. I’ll think twice before betting on Spurs…

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