Home media system

    I previously mentioned how the household now relies on content streamed from the office (aka: Paul’s Pit) to WDTV Live SMP players around the house.

    Nowadays, we have a number of Android TV boxes running the Kodi media centre. This gives us more options when watching TV/Movies – we can stream from the NAS drives, or stream over the internet. The one thing I’ve so far failed to accomplish with Kodi is to have a centrally accessible library whereby I can start watching a show on one box, and continue from the point I left off on another – this bothers me far more than it should, and to be honest, as all the boxes are running the same version of Kodi, a central MySQL database should make this work…but it falls over every time I’ve tried it (6 out of 10 – must try harder).

    Looking forward to being back at work on Tuesday 🙂

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