Sunny weather = excellent!

    Had my trip to Sweden – great place πŸ™‚ very friendly people (and incredibly sexy women), great food…only downside is the expensive beer.

    But the women, oh my…

    Too hot to type much else…maybe add to it later.

    EDIT: OH yeah, forgot this:

    It seems that when I’m abroad, I tend to blend in with the people – in Spain, people talk to me in Spanish thinking I’m Spanish, in France they speak to me in French. Now it seems all Swedes are very fit, healthy looking specimens, so I was somewhat bemused when people spoke to me in Swedish (hotel receptionist, airport staff), then came out with “Sorry – but you look Swedish.” πŸ™‚

    Heh – I’m actually proud to be NOT recognised as a Brit when abroad…

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    0 thoughts on “Sunny weather = excellent!

    1. Sweden? Wow, was that a work trip? I would love to visit there and also Ireland. got pictures?

      1. Yeah, had to test their B737 jacks – 2 hour job, but got an overnight stopover ‘cos the flights are weird times…

        Done some travelling this year so far – Italy next month πŸ™‚

        I love my job…

    2. You look like an Aussie to me!

    3. An Aussie? well, to be honest, anything’s better than being labeled with the ‘Brit tag’ abroad

    4. Ponders you going to China!

    5. After a few beers, I’d look Chinese…

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