Chilled out

    So here I am on a Friday evening – had some dinner and am sitting here with a lovely bottle of Merlot watching series 5 of Dexter 🙂

    I got hooked on this show from when I was seeing Marina (was that really a year ago?) and it just gets better and better. Series 4 ended with such a shock ending that I thought that was it – only recently did I find yet another series and I’m loving it 🙂

    It’s the perfect show really – a mix of CSI and dark humour. When I started watching the first few episodes of series 1, I saw a lot in common with the main character except that I don’t go around murdering people…yet (gimme time – there’s still a few days of this fucking silly season to go), but now I feel he’s like an old friend and his on screen sister (real life wife) is luuuuuurvely 🙂

    Gotta go – my wine is getting cold 🙂

    EDIT: well, wine’s all gone so I switched to beer…will be sorry in the morning I guess. And Dexter? just finished watching episode 9 – got 10 to see and 11 is downloading (too slowly it seems 😐 )

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