The mighty Spurs roll on…

    The last group game ended 3-3 against FC Twente, and Inter lost (3-0 to Werder Bremen) meaning we top the group 🙂

    Yes, the Champion’s League newbies end up top of the ‘group of death’ – when the draw was made and we ended up in the same group as the Dutch champions, the German champions, and the existing Champion’s League winners, the odds were on us finishing bottom..oh how wrong they were…

    So, through to the knockout stage, but with a couple of interesting points:

    The first team to score at least 2 goals in every group game

    (Most likely) The top scorers in the group stage (18 goals in 6 games)

    Bur through we are – and no thanks to the ref (some dodgy Spanish knob), who made some very ‘interesting’ decisions – Jenas getting booked for getting injured (WTF?), a penalty being given because Assou-Ekotto handled a ball inside the area (READ: the ball was rocketing straight at his head so he raised his arm to block it – pure instinct to prevent injury), Crouch was penalised for (apparently) receiving the ball in too much space???, and the cracker for me – De Jong went down in Spurs’ area – nothing was given (correctly) – so Spurs played on, about a minute later when Lennon was on the edge of their box ready to unleash a shot/cross the ref blew up – what for? there was no head injury, Spurs were fully entitled to play on – and the Dutch defender kicking the ball (after the whistle, but he got no card) at Lennon was disgraceful.

    Twente played very well tonight, but the referee was abysmal.

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