Nag, nag, nag…

    So I don’t post for a couple of weeks…I can think of one recently married woman who’s not blogged in a while – not mentioning any names bu’er.

    Well, I’m starting to REALLY enjoy tolerate nettle tea now – and it really does seem to ease hayfever symptoms. Tesco have sold out so a lot of people must like it or something…

    Well, I had a great weekend – spent it down with Kathy et famille ‘dahn sarf’ (septics will have to google it πŸ˜‰ ), weather was great (not too much sneezing etc.), stunning countryside (look, we don’t have hills around here – I’m just not used to them), and the company was, as ever, just great. Weekend started really on Saturday with a sword fight in Westgate, St Neots* where I lost a limb…well, almost…well, I came close to losing a limb…as close as you can get when the swords are made of foam πŸ™‚ fun though πŸ˜€

    I should have bought a crocodile at a car boot sale. I saw it, and wanted it, but figured it’d be too expensive – without asking. Sigh…don’t think the cat would have liked it though…and how many people can say they’ve bought a crocodile at a car boot sale? I mean, I DID buy a crocodile’s head off eBay…but that’s different πŸ˜€

    ~~~ subliminal message ~~~

    You want to buy a Ford Galaxy, 7 seater. Great condition, low mileage…email me.

    ~~~ end of subliminal message ~~~

    And here, just to freak you out, are a pair of freaky eyes – bonus points to anyone correctly identifying them…I’ve had them lying around for ages and they’re getting dusty…


    I’m gathering quite a collection of computers in my lounge again – up to 5 plus a laptop’s usually sitting in here somewhere…my record is having 7 all up and running, networked and running various operating systems – I’ll have to redo that one with the computers spread all over the house and wireless (not sure my old Macs will do wireless, but it’s worth a look…) – I think I’ll stop short of putting computers in the toilets though, if I ever start using Twitter, my entries would read like Scaryduck‘s blog: “done a poo”.

    And with those words of wisdom, I’m off for a bath…ciao πŸ™‚

    *I’d just like to add, that as far as I know, no pubs were hurt (not that I know of) during this violent episode in a shop.

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    0 thoughts on “Nag, nag, nag…

    1. Please….don’t twitter. I beg you.
      On my knees even!

    2. Yeah, well just so you know I DID blog and it was a good one, yes it was! BUT stupid yahoo 360 took it away in 360 land and god only knows where it went…pissed me off BIG time! I have to admit I have a twitter account, but have never “tweeted” or whatever that is called, nor have I been there but twice since I joined, is that a bad thing? I have been going for allergy testing…(last week, today and I go next week). So far I am allergic to 9 different molds- and today I found out I am allergic to Dogs (really surprised me), trees, grass, and several different other polens that I can’t remember but will get a list on the 18th when I go see the doc. Next week they test me for foods, which will be quite interesting to me since the doctor said I may not have Crohn’s after all. 10 years I’ve been dealing with it. Of course if thats’ the case, one thing I may be allergic to is yeast….beer has yeast in it….oh my! Of course I don’t drink that much anymore..I’m a big wus in the beer drinking department! Ok enough of all of that…thanks for FINALLY blogging!! How far away does Kathy live? oh yeah, have no idea bout the eyes..but am so very thankful you didn’t put up any other parts of bodies that you wanted people to guess at. πŸ™‚ Of course, I”m talking about your knees……………

    3. Yeast can MESS you up Bu’er. My mom’s g/f had serious problems with it and changed her diet (drastically and painfully at first) and she now deals with it AND still has her beer.

    4. Well bu’er, as I said to Whabbs – ‘get a WordPress account’ – it’s free, and simple.

      Kathy lives about 75 miles away from me – straight down the A1, blitz along the M25 (aka: world’s largest car park), zip up the M40, turn off onto the A4010 and there ya go…easy.

      Oh, and the eyes, mine is on the left, Kathy’s is on the right. They’re the same colour though – how weird is that?

    5. That’s what I’m afraid of Whabs! Yeast allergy. Don’t get me wrong a major diet change wouldn’t hurt me…but OMG can I do it? we’ll see. Snee, somehow I KNEW you were going to say ‘get a WordPress account’ but you know what? ALL those times I had computer questions and you said “it’s simple” that always scared me….AND generally it wasn’t all that simple..for me anyway…but hey, I might look into it! πŸ™‚ Cool, I actually wondered if it was the same eyes, just different pictures. Now that I know how to get to her house, I’ll be over this weekend! πŸ˜‰

    6. hahahaha it is simple bu’er!
      Trust snee. (OMG did I just type that?)
      One time snee texted my phone while I worked on my computer.My LAN kept going *poof*. He helped me get it fixed and then two days later, my C drive crashed and I lost everything!

    7. THAT was when I named my network after you snee because I got tired of other people naming and maintaining it then me being at the mercy of someone else’ memory so…
      you basically said “get a word press account whabs, and name your network after me”.
      Did and done.

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