What a beautiful Monday morning! 🙂

    Ok, that’s enough sarcasm…

    It IS a nice day right now, but looks like rain – and oh boy, do I want it to rain. I’m suffering from hayfever and it’s making me miserable (nothing to do with having no sex this morning AT ALL).

    Had a great weekend – spent it down with Kathy 🙂 this means I missed the barbeque that Dennis and Ewa hosted at mine Friday night…this was worrying as I got no calls/texts Saturday so I was thinking the worst…house is still standing though.

    Here’s a pic of Kathy (she’s the one with the smaller nose):


    Oh, and football…Man Utd stole points from Spurs on Saturday with yet another dodgy refereeing decision – Gomes clearly got a hand to the ball, so there should never have been a penalty against Spurs. Without that, Gomes would have kept his cool and we’d have gone on to win the game. End. Of. Story.

    I’m not allowed to say that Kathy a certain person is a witch – she merely predicted the correct score.

    It’s only a game…

    EDIT: So, apparently nettle tea is a ‘cure’ of sorts for hayfever. Well, it may be, but I couldn’t find any…I have nettle and peppermint tea, which I can reliably inform you is; TOTALLY FUCKING RANK!

    This has been a public service announcement.

    Oh, and it’s fucking hayfever you bastards – stop telling people I have swine flu!

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    1. It’s beautiful here too! Getting ready to move this weekend, plus about 29308402384032230 other things going on, my head is spinning and my head will probably pop off because I’m trying to remember everything!! Glad you posted a pic of Kathy, she is a very pretty girl! (ok when you read that last part of the sentence, it reminds me of the Freaky song..”she’s a very pretty (kinky) girl, the kind you don’t take home to mutharr!!!) How did you meet her? You’re slacking on the emails to keep me up to date…slacker! Have a great rest of your Monday!
      p.s. after the bitching and calling you a slacker- i realized that my email here at work is blocked (bastards!) and I won’t get the internet at home until this Saturday…sooooo you have a few days to get ready to send me an email! How nice am I??? 🙂

    2. Superfreak!


      I’m just saying…if you look through flickr…..

    3. Yeah, what she said!!!

    4. Heh – and it took a text from Kathy to alert me to these nags…I’m just not the geek I used to be I guess – must try harder.

      Pssst…anyone see that flock of cows?

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