Lisa got her nails done…

    Pretty damn cool huh?

    I forget the name of the technician (is that the right word? I guarantee Lisa will correct me if it’s not), but their website is here.

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    8 thoughts on “Lisa got her nails done…

    1. The things we do for love… 😉

    2. Well, I think it is sweet.
      You did make sure you can give him the bird with one of those right?

      1. She does – a lot 😐

        But I mostly deserve it 😉

        PS: Lisa, I’ll be home 5ish 😛

      2. @Whabbs – I very deliberately made sure I didn’t get it put on the middle finger, because when I give him the bird I don’t want him to think I’m letting him admire the nail art!! (Always thinking, me!!!) 😉

        @snee – ‘mostly’??? 😐

    3. And yes snee…technician is correct, unlike my iud insertion which you called an installation.
      Hahaha, I suppose installation is technically correct but it sounds more heavy duty, like a garage door opener should have been included with the install.
      Now there’s a vision.

    4. Okay, I’m missing something here…

      Lisa – WTF is on your nails?

      It looks like… a blue rooster sitting on a cracked egg….

      1. It’s the Spurs (That’s Tottenham Hotspur) logo:

        1. It’s the same as the tattoo he has on his left arm. (But basically you’re correct – it’s a cock on a ball!!) 😀

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