London Undergound

    Lisa posted on Facebook regarding our day out in that there London village, but here’s the basics:

    I’d got tickets to sit in the audience of Blockbusters (can I have a ‘P’ please Bob?) which would mean we’d get tickets to see ‘A League of Their Own‘ (mmm, Georgie Thompson 🙂 ).

    Anyhoo, we got to London in time for some dinner in Covent Garden, (copy ‘n’ paste from Lisa now):

    The journey from Vauxhall to Syon Lane was on the overground train and it just started to rain…We wandered to the studios to find all the access points totally locked up!! At this point the rain turned into a downpour and we were completely drenched…Looking very sad for ourselves we walked back round to the ‘main entrance’ (a bloody long way!) only to be told that we couldn’t go through that way and would have to walk all the way back to where we’d originally been!!

    It was still raining heavily so Paul decided that he’d had enough!! To be honest, the thought of sitting in a studio totally soaked wasn’t very appealing (we couldn’t have been wetter if we’d stepped into the shower fully dressed!).

    We decided to make our way home get changed and go for a beer! But by the time we’d got back to St Neots I was so cold that we ended up sat on the sofa watching tv with a cuppa!!

    (end copy ‘n’ paste).

    The only picture taken on the day was when Lisa nudged me on the underground to look at the ad above the guy sitting opposite:

    If you look in the window reflection, you’ll notice Lisa making sure I’m taking the picture correctly and not photographing my eye (again)… 😐

    EDIT: Took the time to adjust the Statcounter code to show the correct pagecount 😛

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    2 thoughts on “London Undergound

    1. Im sure the poor fella must be someones Mr Right, lol

      1. The next tube we got on, I was sat underneath a sign about the menopause. Paul wanted to take a picture, but I wouldn’t let him!! 😐

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