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    Work – a four letter word

    So, this week I has mainly been in Italy – Lake Como 🙂 for training on pressure transmitters. There were about 30 of us – ABB sales team, 2 of us office bods, and the alliance partners had sent over some representatives so ~I got to meet people I deal wioth on a day to day basis too. Hard life eh? in the office Monday, then picked up Tuesday at stupid o’clock and off to the airport, arriving at the ABB factory in Ossucio at about 13.30 in time for lunch and then a tour of the factory – very […]

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    Alert! alert! new post :O

    Wow, 18 months since my last post…and reading that, things have certainly changed! and all for the better. Firstly, Lisa and I got married – very romantic affair really, it was sold to me that financially it made sense with the properties etc. As such, we got 2 witnesses, Lisa’s dad, and my mum and off to the registry office. We had the Muppet Show theme tune playing during the ceremony, then Lou Reed’s ‘Perfect Day’ (the only ‘sensible’ wedding ceremony song), follwed by Foo Fighters ‘Long Road to Ruin’. We left the registry office to the Muppets ‘Manamana’. Lisa […]

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