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    9 thoughts on “For Lisa:

    1. **Bops back and forth and fluffs tail**
      Hmmmm Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm Hmmmm, would you like to be one too?

      Man this song is the best. It could take the depression off anything for a while.

    2. It’s all fun and games until he starts flinging poo… 🙄

    3. Surely you knew this BEFORE you started dating. I mean you know each other a while yes?
      All the times I encouraged the poo flinging.

    4. He never once displayed any poo-flinging tendencies! I’ve always known he wanted to be a monkey, but the poo-flinging? Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine… 😯

    5. oh man! i love this song 🙂 oh, the memories….snee playin this for us in chat, me (like whabbs) bopping back n forth…puts a smile on my every time i hear it 🙂

    6. Obviously you never saw the “poo” pic that was posted on his blog forever?

      1. No, I didn’t – and I’m saying that as a good thing!! 😯

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