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    Pimping Giffgaff

    So, you may or not know that my mobile phone provider is Giffgaff – very good service and cheap rates on calls abroad and everything. Well, Giffgaff are having a draw for Amazon vouchers – I get an entry into the draw for every unique click on my personalised order link (I also earn £5 for every activated SIM, and the SIM gets £5 extra credit after the initial top-up). So, click here to enter me 🙂

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    Vodacon – an update

    So, a few more emails have gone back and forth – what they are saying now is that only 5-10% of calls are recorded and they’d need the sales agent’s name to find the call made to me. This sounds like bullshit to me – surely it would be marked on my account who had ‘sold’ me a contract? Anyway, I posted my woes on the Giffgaff forum and got this reply: Oh Vodafone! How they continue to live on their old reputation, but are one of the naffest networks about. Ok I had problems with Vodafone and I managed […]

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