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    Mini laptops – netbooks?

    Weird things really…very compact (and as such, not too useful for touch typing), and the solid state hard drives apparently are a lot faster. I’ve had a few in my grubby mitts over the last year – and now I’ve got another – the Elonex OneT+ which runs a stripped down version of Linux (when I say stripped down, I mean no root access, no apparent way to install software…). The person who’s PC it is would really like a version of Windows on it (CE most likely – not sure about XP), but reading up on it, it seems […]

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    I think I'm evolving…

    What I mean is, as the weather starts getting colder,and the nights draw in, I’m finding it increasingly more difficult to justify NOT hibernating. Seriously, in the last 5 days, I’ve had 50 hours of sleep at least. I’m here at work counting down the hours until I can get back to my bed (and I bet I catch a few zzzs here at work today too). Oh well…onwards and upwards

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    Bored already…

    I’m bored. And fed up – fed up with winter and cold weather. My ankle is really feeling the cold, it hurts like fuck and it’s making me grumpy. I’ve decided to do what I did over shitmas – I’m going back into hibernation. Yes, from the 23rd December until the 2nd January, I hibernated – didn’t leave my house at all. If anyone wanted to see me, they had to come round, I wasn’t answering my phone or replying to text messages – I wasn’t even looking at my emails let alone reading them. That’s what I’m going to […]

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