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    On Apple

    Lovely fruit – all crunchy and juicy 🙂 oh wait…I mean the computer manufacturers… Now I really like Apple computers – ever since I first used a Mac Plus, I was impressed with how east to use they are, and how difficult they are to crash. Of course, now and then you’d get the ‘sad Mac’:

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    Why do I get nagged for not blogging when Bu'er hasn't blogged in MONTHS?

    It’s not fair I tell you… And so, a blog 🙂 shall I mention football? hmm…we gave away a 0-2 lead to end up drawing against Everton (and Defoe missed an extra time penalty that would have given us the win) so maybe not eh? Work? shall I blog about work? much as I love my job – I don’t think so… So, what I’ll ramble on with is my phone – the Nokia N97 🙂 It’s a lovely phone, and now I’ve managed to de-brand it (getting rid of the Vodafone crappy splash screen and useless link on the […]

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