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    Fourth round…

    Spurs play Leeds tomorrow at 5.15 in the FA Cup 4th round – this is the Leeds that knocked Man Utd out last round, and the Spurs that are playing random football – great win one week, dropping points where we should be getting all 3 the next… Hopefully Lennon will be back pretty soon – his speed is dangerous to defences. After a terrible result at Anfield mid week, Spurs need a convincing win to get the spirits back up so we can carry on going for that champions League spot… Now I’ve bored you all with the football […]

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    Now, this SHOULD be a blog saying how awesome V Festival was…


    Bleah – but I didn’t go…does it show that I’m still feeling a little bit miffed about it? To add insult to injury, I was sitting at home last night, having spent a few hours (since leaving work actually) in the bar when I got a call from Harriett – could she come round and borrow my computer to check out something on t’interweb? Being the nice guy I am (and also quite stoned), I said yes. So she turns up and starts looking for tickets for Leeds/Reading and Creamfields festivals 😐 Tickets go on sale for V Festival 2009 […]

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