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    Happy, happy, joy, joy…

    Oh that title reminded me of Ren and Stimpy – I’m sure there’s some of you remember THAT song…so, altogether now: “I wanna be a monkey – monkey, monkey, monkey…” 🙂 Well, that’s made me smile. Been a great week so far – after my AWESOME weekend (thumbs nose at Rik), I thought things would go downhill, but no – I’m happier than I’ve been at this time of year for a long time. It’s weird how everyone generally gets depressed around now – something to do with the length of time until the next public holiday or something. Oh […]

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    BT = Bunch of Twats

    And so it goes on. Got home yesterday to find the feckless BT engineer monkey had ignored the instruction to call my mobile number to gain access and just put another card through my door 😐 . Needless to say, I was in a slightly aggrieved mood – as BT found out when I called them… Anyway, as a result of last night’s call, followed up by this morning’s call, I got a very grovelling apology from one of their managers who promised an engineer would be out tomorrow morning to put everything right. We’ll see 😐 .

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