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    Nag, nag, nag…

    Even Bu’er is nagging me to update (does this mean she’s blogged recently?) Been a great week – Monday in the office, Tuesday & Wednesday testing down in (not so) sunny Bournemouth – this was the first time in all the years I’ve been going down there to test at FR Aviation that it’s not been beautiful weather. Shame really, I’ve just had some modifications done to the test rig and wanted some nice pictures for the new website (which will be going live in the next week or so to replace our static html site). I’m still getting the […]

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    Busy, busy, busy…

    Since we got back to work after the break, it’s been non-stop with testing here and there. Halfway through the month and I’ve still to go to Prestwick (that’ll be next Thursday), then off to Skavsta (Sweden) the following week. After those 2, I should have a bit of a break (by break, I mean be office bound for a month or so). Just had an email regarding the schedule: Drive to Prestwick?! OMG – 800 miles round trip with a shitload of work in between? um, I think I’ll fly thanks 😉 Last time I was in Skavsta, it […]

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