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    England v Czech Republic

    So tonight me and Dennis travel down to Wembley for the match – £50.00 a ticket but it’ll be worth it (I hope 😐 ) Got our ISO audit at work today – I’m hoping it all goes well, and I get to leave a little early so I can have a bath before getting the train… Look out for us – we’ll be in the SW corner holding an England flag with ‘honic’ on it (in memory of Lee). My third trip to Wembley…and the feeling when you step into the stadium is such a rush 😀 I can’t […]

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    Foos @ Wembley

    FUCKING AWESOME!!! 7 months waiting since I booked the tickets but was it worth it? oh yes…:) My second visit to Wembley – I saw the England under 21s play Italy last year – but the roar when the Foos came on stage was unbelievable. I don’t know how many people were there – around 100000 I reckon, and EVERYONE was singing along – I don’t think I’ll ever see a band perform that’ll beat them… I took a few photos and videos – I’ll get round to uploading them to YouTube and Flickr soon – right now I’m off […]

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