Author: snee

    Happy birthday…

    Well, it’s been a good week all in all – happy birthday to my dad for today. I was in Manchester on Thursday (seems I spend a lot of time there…) and talk about combinations of weather – initially it was snowing hard, and being in the open it was just a little bit chilly…then we were inside a hangar testing simulator jacks. Tim went outside for a smoke and called me over – it was beautiful weather – sunny and warm. Then on the way home we had driving rain. A friend bought a laptop to the pool night […]

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    Javascript – the devil’s tool?

    I spent this morning renewing my aquaintance with javascript…my boss has gone off on a tangent and branched into the cane furniture market and asked me to sort out a website for it. It’s very basic right now (apart from the javascript image scroller which I’m very pleased with…) but I’ll post a link when it gets to a presentable state. In other news – I FINALLY got my new mobile phone. After sending my old one off on January 16 for a warranty repair/replacement – my replacement arrived on Saturday (the next model up though – Samsung D600 – […]

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