Happy birthday…

    Well, it’s been a good week all in all – happy birthday to my dad for today. I was in Manchester on Thursday (seems I spend a lot of time there…) and talk about combinations of weather – initially it was snowing hard, and being in the open it was just a little bit chilly…then we were inside a hangar testing simulator jacks. Tim went outside for a smoke and called me over – it was beautiful weather – sunny and warm. Then on the way home we had driving rain.

    A friend bought a laptop to the pool night on Wednesday – asked me to take a quick look. I have NEVER seen the likes of it – opening device manager showed absolutely nothing – to say it intrigued me was a huge understatement. I said I’d take it home and see what I could do, but I even admitted at the time that maybe it was time for a format. Des (his computer) said he’d kiss me if I fixed it. Anyway, to cut a long story short – yesterday morning I phoned his other half and gave her the good news that it was running properly now, closely followed by a plea to her to not allow Des to use tongues. Yet another satisfied customer…

    I almost forgot – Spurs kicked Birmingham’s ass yersterday – winning 0-2 and grabbing back 4th place from Arsenal (they had an earlier kick-off and leap frogged us for 2 hours) – COME ON YOU SPURS!

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