Another week gone by

    Well, another week over. My back has been playing up most of it so I can’t say it’s been a good one. Had an email from a Yahoo user asking about bot blocking in messenger…had to point them towards YahElite (I assume it still has the BEST bot block facilities – please advise if there is summat else – I no longer use chat).

    At last spring is here – thank fuck. I hate the cold weather – it just makes me grumpy. I’ve been saving for a holiday but have no idea where to go – I want somewhere hot and sunny, but to be honest, all I want is a break from the routine so anywhere will do I reckon. Any suggestions gratefully recieved to my mail inbox (click my paypal link for financial contributions too LOL).

    Have you ever noticed how some days you just seem to open your mouth to change feet? I hope you do, as that’s all I seem to have done for a week or so now. The end product is the same though I think. Times like this I just want to go walkabout for a month and get my head together…

    Spurs take on Newcastle this weekend – they SHOULD win and maintain their grip on that vital 4th Premiership place to get European football next year (Champion’s League ‘cos Arsenal are NEVER going to win it).

    I don’t know whether I mentioned it before (I probably did), but I’ve been bitten by the pool bug again after some 15 years out of the league. The Globe B team is doing pretty well – we’re 4th or 5th in the Premier League having played most of the top teams. Once we gel as a team and as individulas, I think we’ll be serious contenders.

    Happy birthday to Bu’er – hope you have a good ‘un.

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