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    I can haz cawfee?

    Today I have mostly been upping my caffeine intake…I’m considering strapping myself to my chair to stop myself bouncing off the walls. Spoke to ‘the man in Singapore’ – Wang (stop giggling at the back) – about the site and he likes my ideas thus far 🙂 After about 16 hours playing with ASP.net, I’ve decided to do the site from scratch in HTML/PHP with a little flash animation thrown in, then give him the source to inject the database stuff – I’m getting too old (and my workload is IMMENSE…no, I said WORKLOAD you pervs, my penis is at […]

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    Too much coffee makes snee…well, hyper

    And so, been poking my nose into Ajax ASP.NET thingies and content management for web design wotsits (I’m so full of shit techno babble me…). Boss asked me how long it would take me to redo the eASE site from scratch – I picked my nose pondered this for a while and reckoned 6-8 weeks – this was after he’d suggested I go out there so I have access to the server everything is on – I quickly countered with the fact I can download demos and open source stuff here to play with to save the cost (to my […]

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