I can haz cawfee?

    Today I have mostly been upping my caffeine intake…I’m considering strapping myself to my chair to stop myself bouncing off the walls.

    Spoke to ‘the man in Singapore’ – Wang (stop giggling at the back) – about the site and he likes my ideas thus far 🙂

    After about 16 hours playing with ASP.net, I’ve decided to do the site from scratch in HTML/PHP with a little flash animation thrown in, then give him the source to inject the database stuff – I’m getting too old (and my workload is IMMENSE…no, I said WORKLOAD you pervs, my penis is at best average…) for this ‘learn a new language in a couple of days’ stuff.

    Just over an hour left here at work, then home, quick bath, install some more programs on a mate’s computer I’ve been tripping over for the past couple of weeks so it’s ready to go back when he’s down this weekend, then off for a quick laptop repair jobby, then home to watch the next 2 episodes of Lost with a couple of cold beers, then a (relatively) early night…

    I should do something this weekend other than go out drinking, but I don’t know what

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    1. Go out drinking in drag any then post about it! 😀

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