Tag: black eye

    My eye…

    I’m going for the sympathy vote here – no chance of that from Rik, he’ll (wrongly) assume I was drunk when I did it… Not easy to make out, but there’s a small ‘w’ shaped cut above my eyebrow – let me tell you a bit of a story… ~~~ back to mid last week ~~~ I was busy working on a PC in the centre of the office, doing my crouched down, bad tempered troll impression (one of the first things you learn about IT support is to always look annoyed and bad tempered), when the boss piped up […]

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    Happy Monday everyone!

    There, thought I’d brighten up everyone’s week with a happy greeting… Now, down to the real stuff – I HATE MONDAYS! I’m not so bad as I once was, but I hate the feeling when the weekend is finished and a whole week looms ahead – bleah. Had a very quiet weekend myself, ended up knocking myself out on Friday…what happened was I finished work, did a load of running around, then collapsed on my couch. It was when I decided to get a move on and do something that I jumped up, ran into the kitchen, and the next […]

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