Happy Monday everyone!

    There, thought I’d brighten up everyone’s week with a happy greeting…

    Now, down to the real stuff – I HATE MONDAYS!

    I’m not so bad as I once was, but I hate the feeling when the weekend is finished and a whole week looms ahead – bleah.

    Had a very quiet weekend myself, ended up knocking myself out on Friday…what happened was I finished work, did a load of running around, then collapsed on my couch. It was when I decided to get a move on and do something that I jumped up, ran into the kitchen, and the next thing I know I was twitching on the floor, burbling away to myself in some strange tongue, lying in a pool of blood – I went over HARD and was out for at least 5 minutes, so now I have a lovely black eye and cut above the eye.

    Spurs went out of the FA Cup to Man Utd. on Saturday – I didn’t really care, personally I think I was still concussed from Friday.

    And I made it into work too – had a blazing headache since Friday (should probably go see a doctor), my eye is rapidly closing, but I made it in on a Monday.


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