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    Feckless monkeys…

    The saga continues… As I mentioned in previous posts, BSG Property Services are replacing my guttering – yesterday they came to do the back of my house – I didn’t know when they’d do it, and had a line full of washing drying. 😐 The feckless monkeys just dumped all my nice clean washing in a heap on the bench I’m in the middle of sanding down to paint, did their work, then left – leaving my washing in a damp, screwed up heap – look: It’s been a great week for BSG – I’d certainly recommend them to anyone* […]

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    I’m not too happy… Monday started well – had to shoot home to pickup a few things, and found that my landlord (Luminus Group) had contracted in some firm (BSG Property Services) to replace my leaking gutter (about time too – I’d only been complaining about it for about 5 years – but I digress). Had to go back home about lunchtime and was sitting at my desk eating some lunch when there was a knock on the door – one of the BSG monkeys stood there looking sheepish (can monkeys actually do that?). Shuffling his feet, he (sheepishly?) asked […]

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