Feckless monkeys…

    The saga continues…

    As I mentioned in previous posts, BSG Property Services are replacing my guttering – yesterday they came to do the back of my house – I didn’t know when they’d do it, and had a line full of washing drying.


    The feckless monkeys just dumped all my nice clean washing in a heap on the bench I’m in the middle of sanding down to paint, did their work, then left – leaving my washing in a damp, screwed up heap – look:


    It’s been a great week for BSG – I’d certainly recommend them to anyone*

    Anyway, let’s see if BT call me this morning…

    When I downloaded that pic from my phone – there was another pic taken this month – I don’t remember taking it, but it’s Andy (aka ‘honic’), and Tony (aka ‘Psycho Tony’):

    Honic & Psycho Tony
    Honic & Psycho Tony

    Must have taken it on Sunday…of course, it was taken at home (well, The Tudor) – Andy looks just a little bit drunk to me.

    *may contain traces of extreme sarcasm

    Oh yeah, it was decided at the weekend (one of those drunken times in the Tudor), that we all drank too much (Ha! didn’t take Einstein to work THAT one out!), so it was decided we’d (Andy, Wendy, Darren and me) go play badminton. Yesterday was the day 🙂 .

    It was great fun – Darren and me decided the mission was to try and hit Andy as many times as possible – my first return gave him a lovely centre parting, he retalliated catching me on the shoulder – and so began the war 😀

    Of course, after the exercise, we retired to the bar, had a cold one, then went home to shower (I’d gone straight from work so I was dirty, sweaty and tired…no change there then) – then we all met up in the Tudor (where else?). Andy managed to wear the same vest as me so we looked like twins 😐

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    1. Dunno if the idea of exercise is to work up an appetite for more beer… Bloody good idea though.

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