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    Overprotective parents

    B3ta.com’s QOTW is about overprotective parents this week. This means I have no hilarious story to tell – my upbringing was full of AWESOMENESS! Not that my siblings and I were neglected – far from it – we were allowed to play out, we got reprimanded (threatened with smacks more than actually smacked – when my mum threatened, you did as you were told), we were rewarded for being good. As such the lot of us grew up into well-rounded (no, I don’t mean fat – I mean look at me – do I LOOK fat?) adults with a good […]

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    We did it again!

    Kicked the German’s arses in their own backyard that is…not quite the 1-5 as before, but still a good result – as I mentioned, there’s no such thing as a friendly game against Germany 🙂 My dad would have loved to see the game last night – as a child growing up in France during the war, his experiences of Germans was that of bullies, I guess some of that’s rubbed off on me although I try to treat people as individuals and try not to stereotype them… But hey – WE BEAT THEM! 😀 Yesterday I mentioned that Tuesday […]

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